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The Board of Academia Saguntina met in Madrid on march 6th and decided as follows:

1-After examining in detail the Europe political situation because of the war in Ukrania,we have considered extremely bold  irresponsible and dangerous to promote flights and internal travels among young students at last year of High School.The Academia Saguntina is specially adressed to these students.

2-According to this unanimous agreement we have decided not to organise this year Academia Saguntina in the same way we did it in the past ( 8 days,open call to sudents all over Europe).

3-As far as the ACADEMIA was interrumpted because of coronavirus covid-19 pandemy  both in 2020 and 2021,we thought we should make shape it run with a different shape in order to make sure that the activity will not disappear .This new shape should  assure the European dimension of the activity together with the innovative way of approaching the Ancient World through active workshops and theatrical activities.

4-This is the reason why we have decided to make a shorter version,according with the  nowadays official sanitary restrictions ,running since june 22th to june 26th  at a cheaper price of 175 euros instead of 375.

5-The school will be addressed to European Students living in Spain interested in Classical Civilisation,together with Spanish sudents who have participated in ECCL exams and have got a Golden medal.

6-In order to make sure that the Academia will keep its European dimension we have started contacts with the Embassy of each European country asking for information and explaining the project to the Cultural Affairs Delegate.As far as we know at the moment we think it will be possible to envolve at least 10 countries,more than any year in the past.

7-This could be maybe a quite strange solution but we make sure that

a-ACADEMIA SAGUNTINA will run in 2022 after breaking for 2 consecutive years

b-There will be presence of several European students,European dimension will be certified.In case we coud not collect European Students living in Spain,we would drop it

c- The main activities and innovative patterns of the School will be absolutely kept

d-Last but not least,note even one student aged 18 or even under 18 will take any risk leaving its country during the war that we all members of the Board disapprove.

                          José María Ayllón

                          Gemma López Martínez

                           José luis Navarro

                                                                   Board of ACADEMIA SAGUNTINA

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